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About Vietnam Visa On Arrival

What is a Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

The Vietnam visa on arrival is a process of acquiring an authorization letter through Vietnam's travel agency to pick you up at Vietnam airport upon your arrival.

What Should I know about Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

It is cheaper to do the visa on arrival (VOA) as it is going to cost significantly more getting it locally in Vietnam. However, the visa on arrival paperwork isn’t a full visa. One employs an agent before he/she arrives in Vietnam to acquire an official communication letter of approval that is presented at the VOA counter when one lands. Upon paying a visa processing fee, that is U.S. $19 for 30 days or 3 month distinct entry visa, U.S. $24 for a maximum of 30 days multi-entry, U.S. $60 for a minimum of 30 day multi, you will be given your passport with a full visa. In Vietnam, the agents normally ask you to affirm your current nationality as an application process and if you qualify, you will be able to apply for a three month visa with a single or multiple entries.

The cost charged by Vietnam's VOA agents for their service is $19 upwards, depending on the kind of visa and the agent. Some travel agents offer cut-price on Vietnam’s visa on arrival approval letter fees.

Three month multi entry visa can somewhat subject to few restrictions in Vietnam. Therefore, before making plans concerning entry and exits from Vietnam, it would be sensible to check if you can acquire a visa for the necessary dates.

How do I Acquire a Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

Applying for a Vietnam VOA letter of approval on-line is easy and fast as there are many trustworthy agents. In addition, Vietnam agents accept all credit cards and approve payment through PayPal too. The online application for Vietnam visa online is very easy with the following few steps:

  • Fill out the online application form
  • When filling the online application form, it is mandatory to enter the exact personal information Full name as they appear in the passport Your date of birth Nationality
  • The passport number The date of arrival Type of Visa
  • Confirm and pay for the service fee
  • It is advisable to double check the information you have given to ensure it is correct. Afterwards, you can select extra services like Airport Fast Track.
  • Get an approval letter and get ready to get a visa stamped on arrival
  • After 1 working day or 2 working days, you will:
  • Get visa approval letter via email which will be attached with an entry-and-exit form. You should print out the letter and the entry-and-exit form.
  • Fill out the entry-and-exit form.
  • Set up two passport sized photos 4x6cm and a stamping fee of $45 for single entry and $65 for multiple entry visas.
  • You should then put all mentioned things along with your passport and show them to the immigration officer at Vietnam.
  • Get your visa stamped upon arrival

Upon arrival, one presents his/her passport, the visa approval letter, two passport sized photos 4x6cm, entry-and-exit form and the stamping fee to the Immigration officer to get the visa stamped. After confirmation by email, one is shown where to pay the agency fee.

After 2-3 days, the agent emails you the approval letter with bulk applications for 30 people with all applicants' names printed on one letter.

You can also ask your agent for a personal or confidential approval letter which has only your name and names of family members you are travelling with.

You should ensure that your surname and required entry / exit dates are accurate. In addition, one won’t be allowed to come in Vietnam before the entry date is shown.

If you want to enter through a land crossing, you must have a valid visa. You should print out the whole letter of approval and take it with you as some airlines ask to see the letter before allowing you to board the aircraft. All the same, you will also need it at the Vietnam VOA desk when you arriving at the airport.

Some of the agents also have forms obtainable for their website download. Thus, it is suggested that you fill the form in advance.

If you are planning to travel to Vietnam, you should get a Vietnam visa on arrival. There are many ways to get the Vietnam visa on arrival to visit to Vietnam such as: apply directly the document to Vietnam Embassy or use the servcie of the agent to get it.

If you wish to apply for Vietnam Visa directly to the local Vietnam Embassy, it may take you few days for checking your visa application and you will be asked for visa fee once you apply and leave your original passport there, so that they can check whether you can be granted for a visa to Vietnam or not and with a lower fee. Occasionally the visa fee may be waived due to reciprocal or bilateral governmental agreements. Moreover, they can not process visa in urgent case and holidays or weekend.

Vietnam Visa 4H is a commercial website where we provide the best service for getting the Vietnam visa on arrival for the client. Let we explain the reason you should use the agent to get the Vietnam visa:

 We also provide assistance for the applicants, or in the resolution of difficult cases, emergency, and especially to create the most favorable conditions in the matter of application for visa Vietnam. If you choose to utilize our services please be advised that, we charge a  handling fee for our services, and in addition you have to pay  stamping fee for government at the airport. These services include consultation and visa advice and approved vietnam visa letter.

With us, online procedure, no passport send-off. Applicable for all air-travelers to Vietnam by Airplane, maximum 48 hours processing time (or 4 hour for rush/urgent Vietnam visa request), no hidden charges.

As known, with more than 10-year experience in visa service, we know how to do for our customer. VietnamVisa4H was set up to offer visa applicants the most convenient visa services that meet the criteria of Legitimate Service, Quality, Reliability, Prompt Responses, and Customer-Focused Approach;

          ● Quality: Over 10 years of experience and expertise.
          ● Reliability: Entrusted by thousands of clients annually.
          ● Prompt Responses: Timely visa processing & customer support.
          ● Customer-Focused Approach: Clients' needs to be our first priority.

Besides that, for more convenience to you when coming and enjoying your trip in Vietnam, we provide some useful extra services which we think you should consider booking.

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